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Workfinder supports the next generation by connecting young people to opportunities within exciting growth companies.

Whether you need more hands with marketing, data analysis or engineering, our remote work placements are a vital way to support the next generation whilst driving your growth goals.

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We use AI to share your opportunity with young people, making sure to remove bias and support all young people equally.


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We work with the UK's most exciting growth companies across a range of sectors.

What businesses say


“We strongly believe the week the students spent with us was mutually beneficial as it gave us a rare insight into the minds and perspectives of young people today and how they interact with tech in their everyday lives. It was great to gauge their opinions on our brand identity and ease of use with regards to our tech.”

Jo Eckersley


“Blis benefitted from this week’s work experience because we have had four bright minds give their thoughts and suggestions towards our existing products, offering a fresh perspective and a millennial outlook. It was a great opportunity to talent spot and promote Blis as a good place to work.”

Kate Kaczmarek

Senior Product Manager

“It brings a clear and bright perspective to our team. Young people can bring new ideas and different points of view about things we can benefit from. We are a technology company after all, and it is important we engage with the next generation who are our customers of the future.”

David Bartolome

Senior Consultant

Why choose Workfinder


Work experience isn’t working. There’s no room in today’s workplace for young people to spend two weeks making tea and shadowing Michael do the filing. Workfinder exists to turn the tables, and not only to provide meaningful work opportunities for this pool of young talent, but also deliver value to the businesses who nurture them.

We mix an intelligent matching algorithm to match young people to your opportunity with the practical tips, guidance, and regular check-ins needed to keep them on track and delivering value, without the burden of it all falling on you.

Whether you're looking to support a single individual, or build a cross-functional team, hosting a placement is an incredible way to hit your growth goals whilst supporting our next generation.


Simple and transparent pricing


The service is free to use. We simply charge a £100 (+VAT) placement fee for each young person that you work with.
Our full terms and conditions available in our FAQ page.


Our charity partner


Workfinder is proud to be the partner organisation of Founders4Schools, a charity dedicated to our shared mission of giving all young people the best possible start in their working lives.

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