Students under 18 FAQs

1: What is Workfinder?

Workfinder is a platform that allows you to connect to local businesses and hosts and create work experience opportunities.

2: How can I access the Workfinder network?

You are able to download our iOS app or use the web app to access the Workfinder network.

3: Do you have vacancies on the platform?

We don’t advertise vacancies. We have a network of incredible hosts at exciting companies. We recommend the best work experience hosts at each company that you should apply to. We guide you through the process of sending a speculative application to them.

4: What is a speculative application?

A speculative application is the process of contacting a company to ask if they have a suitable work experience opportunity for you, despite the fact that they aren't advertising a particular vacancy.

5: What types of work experience can I get through the Workfinder app?

There are a variety of different types of experiences you can request through the Workfinder app including, apprenticeships, taster weeks and company introductions. Why not download the app and explore it!

6: What does it cost me?

It is FREE. We strongly believe that opportunities should be open to all students, that is why Workfinder will always be free for our students to use.

7: Why are the recommendations you send me important?

The recommendations we send you are tailored just for you. We strongly encourage you apply to the companies we send to you because we know those companies have been active recently and match what you are looking for!

8: Do I need parent or guardian consent to apply for work experience?

No, parental consent is not required for you to use Workfinder because we anonymise all of our applications for under 18s.

9: Do I need parent or guardian consent to accept the offer of work experience from a company?

If you are under 18 we require permission from a parent or guardian for you to accept an offer of work experience through our platform.

At Workfinder we value your safety highly and so despite the legal age to accept a placement being lower than 18, we require this permission to ensure that a responsible adult is fully aware of your actions at all times.

10: My school has asked if they are required to complete risk assessments?

In order to make the offer of work experience to you, the company has confirmed that they have employer’s liability insurance.

If your school requires a risk assessment, then they should contact the company directly to arrange this. Ask your school to check out our School FAQs and they can find all the answers they need there.

11: Can I undertake Work Experience during term time or on the weekend?

Our service allows you and the host to agree mutually beneficial dates for your work experience placement.

You should check with your school or college before accepting a placement that is during term time. Legally, you will require their permission to be on a placement during term time. We have a great sharing feature built into the app, so when you receive an offer you quickly can forward it to your parent or guardian and your teacher to get the permission you need to accept.

12: How do I know what I need to do to prepare for my placement?

We will send you reminders of what to do when you have a confirmed placement! Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the whole process.

13: What if I don’t like my placement?

We ask you to go into every placement with an open mind and give it your best. However if you don’t like your placement you can express this at the end of the placement when we ask you to rate your work experience. Sharing your ratings are important so that we can help the host understand if they need to change their approach and so we can share ratings with other students who may be thinking about applying to that host.

14: What do I do if there is an incident on my work experience placement?

If an incident occurs during the work experience placement, please inform us as soon as possible. You can contact the Workfinder team directly on 020 8419 7915 or by email at if you have any questions or concerns. We will inform the placement organiser and your parent/guardian using the details you gave us.

In case of any emergency please contact the authorities - 101.

15: What are the Terms and Conditions of accepting a placement through Workfinder?

By accepting the offer of a work placement: you agree to the following:

  1. You agree to take full responsibility for your actions at the work placement.
  2. You agree to show up on time and do all that is required; You will notify your school/college and your host if you are going to be late or absent.
  3. You will adhere to the company mobile phone policy and complete all tasks to the best of your ability.
  4. You will make a responsible adult aware of anything you think is not right immediately.
  5. You agree to Workfinder sharing your name, date of birth and contact information with the host so they can perform the legal obligations associated with providing you with a work experience placement.
  6. You agree to Workfinder sharing details of your placement with your educational institution.
16: What are the full Terms and Conditions of using the service?

The full terms and conditions (including data protection) can be found here.

17: Will I have to sign a contract with a company?

Under 18, in England and Wales (or under the age of 16 in Scotland) you can not legally enter into an enforceable contract. We advise the companies in our network to ask you to sign an ‘Agreement of Working.’ This defines an agreement between you and them and lets you know what the right procedure is if you were to fall ill for example. It covers both your responsibilities to the company and the responsibilities of the company to you. We advise that you always read through any agreements with a parent or guardian before signing.

18: Will the company have to check if I have the ‘Right to Work’ in the UK?

Yes: The immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 does not distinguish between paid and unpaid work, therefore you must satisfy these checks prior to starting work. Your host will let you know what information they need from you to proceed.

19: How is Workfinder responding to Covid-19?

Like many businesses, the team at Workfinder are now working remotely and continue to support both businesses and students to make meaningful connections.

We have launched a new programme to enable the flexibility that both candidates and employers need.

We offer remote work experience projects which are designed to be short and intensive two-week activity that will provide value to both sides. Our intelligent algorithm matches the best young people with their placement. We provide practical tips, guidance, and regular check-ins needed to keep the project on track and deliver value.