Talent. At your fingertips.

Join thousands of other high growth companies to access and develop young people for key projects while avoiding bias based on gender, ethnicity, disability or socio-economic background.

Join thousands of other high growth companies to win the war on talent in a way that is fair

Our AI driven services ensure that clients receive applications from highly-skilled young people currently studying at college or university (your choice) who are available for project work.

Our typical shortlist features 50% of applications from people who identify as women and 30% from people who identify themselves from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Our mentoring, online short courses, masterclasses and project work help young people develop key employability and technical skills so they are better prepared for permanent roles.

Building back better - together.

“We recently hosted Michelangelo for a two week placement, working with our B2B team on a Competitor Analysis project. This was a hugely important project we had needed to do for a long while but never had the time to. We have been so impressed with Michelangelo we offered him a summer internship to continue to work with the team!”

“We recently used Workfinder to find a brilliant PR and Comms student for a two week placement to review our social media activity and to create new content to use over the coming months. The project briefs and templates from Workfinder were also incredibly useful, they made the whole process really easy and enabled us to ensure that both us as a business and the intern got the most out of the two week placement.”

“I would recommend Workfinder because it will quickly give you access to a wide array of people with different skills, different ways of thinking that can scale regardless of how big you get as a company. So Workfinder is just as valuable to us now, as it was two years ago.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the strong contribution the workfinder candidates gave to our Urban team, supporting us with business and event planning. We were very impressed with their positive attitude and proactivity and would be delighted to recommend them to others!”

“Workfinder is brilliant because the talent is high quality. We've been able to hire interns on several occasions really quickly and without exception, they have driven business impact from day one.”

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Our SAAS solutions help business clients to grow by providing services that allow their workforce to acquire and develop skilled talent better & faster.